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Registration Open for Tanner’s Baby and Me Yoga Classes
Connect with your inner child — and your baby — with Baby and Me Yoga.
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Exercise Your Mind: Tanner Offers Mindfulness Meditation Series
Sometimes life gets hectic and it can be hard to focus on the things that matter. When it comes to overall wellness, it’s important to be mindful and fully present for ourselves and others.
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Crush Your New Year’s Health Goals
New Year’s is a time to commit yourself to new, healthier habits. But do you have a plan?
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The Exercise Effect and Prediabetes

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 23, 2019 -- If you've been told that your blood glucose is higher than normal and that you have prediabetes, your doctor is likely to first suggest lifestyle steps to stop it from progressing to diabetes.

The steps that can have the most benefit are losing weight and improving your diet, which obviously go hand in hand.

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Even a Little Exercise May Bring a Brain Boost

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 6, 2019 -- Just 10 minutes of exercise a day appears to sharpen mental prowess, new research suggests.

"Getting off the couch and walking a block can help keep you on the right track," said study author Nicole Spartano, a research assistant professor at Boston University School of Medicine.

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Ways to Make Exercise More Enjoyable

MONDAY, Nov. 4, 2019 -- Only about half of all American adults meet the national guidelines for aerobic activity and only about one-fifth meet the combined aerobic and strength-training goals. One reason is that some people just don't find it enjoyable, so they don't stick with it.

Changing your mindset can lead not only to increases in exercise time, but also feeling good about working out.

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