Heart Disease

Tanner Heart Care Awards Four AEDs in Giveaway
Four local nonprofit organizations are keeping the safety of their visitors close to their hearts.
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Advancing Health With Advanced Heart Screenings
Tanner Health System offers a simple screening that’s fast, noninvasive and low-cost to assess the health of your coronary arteries. It’s called a coronary CT for calcium scoring, and it uses X-ray images to measure calcified plaque — the hardened, fatty substance inside your blood vessels — that narrows your coronary arteries and leads to a heart attack. The amount of plaque is your “calcium score.” If it’s high, you and your doctor can take steps to prevent heart issues.

The screening is available for just $99. Call 770-812-9721 to schedule your cardiac CT for calcium scoring.

Take the quiz now and find out if you need a cardiac CT for calcium scoring.
Salmon Zucchini Cakes
Fatty fish like salmon are a heart-healthy dietary choice, chock full of artery-clearing omega-3 fatty acids. Here’s a creative way to get your next serving.
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