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Welcome to Tanner's e-newsletter subscription center! Below are links to subscribe to "My Health eNews" from Get Healthy, Live Well, and "My Baby Expectations" from Tanner Women's Care. Each e-newsletter contains timely, medically-reviewed articles, as well as information about Tanner services, upcoming events and classes. We also invite you to use My Health Reminders to set up appointment and screening reminders for yourself and your family members. Get started now by clicking "Subscribe" below!

My Health

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  • Choose the news you want from more than two dozen topics.
  • Medically-reviewed health news drawn from 350+ sources, delivered monthly to your inbox.
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My Health

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  • Reminders for health screenings and other periodic exams recommended by the CDC based on your age and gender.
  • Customize your reminder dates and create additional reminders.
  • Add information about loved ones to also receive health reminders for them.
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My Baby

What to expect

  • Developmental newsletters from the moment you discover you are pregnant through your baby's first birthday.
  • Checklist to help prepare your home for your newest family member.
  • Additional information on important breastfeeding topics.
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